Explore the city after dark, book a stargazing or night wildlife tour or take part in special dinner and show tours, to make sure you don't miss a moment of your time in Japan. From night cruises to tours of Kyoto's geisha districts, even restaurant recommendations, plan your nightlife with Veltra!
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  1. Create a personal memoir of your travel by mixing your favorite color and shape into a wearable glass accessory. Smile every time you see it.

    From USD18.08

    0.5 - 1 hour(s) (afternoon, evening)
  2. Refresh yourself with a leisurely yoga session in the forest. Surrounded by trees and fresh air, rejuvenate and relax in the afternoon or at sunset.
    Pick-up Provided

    From USD9.04

    2 - 4.5 hour(s) (morning, afternoon)
  3. Want to play bubble soccer, but the field is too far away? We will deliver the gear to you! Perfect for schools, company events, or other large parties.


    3 hour(s) (morning, afternoon, evening)