1. Leaf watching while bungy jumping! lol
    Reviewed by: Sacchi, 2016/04/26
    I went with some coworkers and all of us were really exceited to try jumping! This was my 2nd time trying bungy. We got a rental car by the station. The site is out in the mountains, so it's probably tough to get there without a car. Before we jumped we read the warning and signed a consent form. We also got weighed. They write your weight on your hand... After that, we got the jump instruction...more
  2. Into the blue!
    Reviewed by: BaldBeard, 2016/02/10
    Sarugakyo was the greatest! Got out of the car and right into an amazing area filled with autumn leaves and gorgeous trees. The music was pumping, the crew were friendly as could be, the check-in was smooth, and bam. I was getting into the jump gear and listening to the jump talk. I got to see a couple people jump before me, so I was getting really amped up for my turn. The crew got me onto the p...more
    • Strapping in!
      Strapping in!