When in Japan, don't miss the chance to experience the traditions of this fascinating country. Choose from a variety of classes in tea ceremony, calligraphy or zen meditation. Dress like a geisha, or stroll through town wearing a colorful kimono. Fans of Japan's martial arts can learn about the skills of the legendary ninja and samurai from masters. Book the best activities and read other travelers reviews on Veltra.
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  1. Bring your significant other to take memorable photos before your grand wedding day in the beautiful snow themed museum filled with fantasy-like rooms and gardens.

    From USD1,169.46

    (morning, afternoon)
  2. Enter the elegant white corridors representing the snowy winters of Hokkaido in a gorgeous outfit. Dress like an elegant princess or a dashing prince for special photos to take home.

    From USD42.53

    0.5 - 2 hour(s) (morning, afternoon)

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