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Head up north to Iwate and spend a day enjoying a variety of activities in Koiwai Farm. Play with animals and learn about dairy production at one of Japan's leading farms.

  • Tunnel 2
  • 斎藤さんガイド
  • Tunnel 2
  • Tunnel 2
  • Tunnel 2
  • Tunnel 2
  • 3275二号パドック夏

Discount Meal Coupon (until 2017/01/03)

Enjoy a delicious meal in the restaurant that serves a special holiday meal for a discounted price!
Savor the fresh dairy products you can only taste here!

Applicable for all participants.

Relax on a horse drawn carriage in the open fields or hop on a cute pony to enjoy some fun outdoor activities you can only experience at the Koiwai Farm. Leisurely spend your time with the sheep and cows in the grassy plains and lush forests. Depending on the season, you may be able to see various flowers in bloom, colorful foliage or even the Milky Way at night.
Aside from the picture perfect scenery, experience making fresh butter and discover the methods of the dairy production in the factories on the farm. Make sure to taste the cheese and ice cream along with many other delicacies you can only savor here on the farm.
Please view this map for an overview of activities you can enjoy in the farm.
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For a limited time (until Jan 3, 2017), enjoy the beautiful display of colorful Christmas lights. Take this great opportunity to enjoy a special holiday meal for a memorable time in the farm!
On Saturdays, a special fireworks show can be seen at night.
Lighting time: 16:00-20:00
Lighting time Saturdays and Jan 3rd: 16:00-21:00
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  • Tunnel 2
  • Tunnel 2
  • Tunnel 2
  • Tunnel 2
For a limited time, take a stroll through the 60 meter golden "tunnel of light", massive Christmas trees, steam locomotives illuminated in colorful lights!
Please note that the entrance ticket does not include the fare for activities and programs inside. However, discount coupon for a meal is included in the activity fare.
  • Available: Daily
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  • Inclusion: Admission / Meal coupon / Tax
Location, direction and description
By Car:
Go about 15 minutes (12 km) from the Morioka IC on the Tohoku Expressway.
Go on the national road number 46 bound for Akita. Turn right at the Tsunagi intersection then you will find the Koiwai Farm Makiba Park.

Arrival by Bullet train (Tohoku or Akita) or train (Tanzawa line).
Transfer to Bus at Morioka Station:
Board from the number 10 platform in front of the Morioka Station bound for "Koiwai Farm Makiba Park".
Or board the bus bound for "Amihari Onsen" (roughly 17 km for 30 minutes).
Bus fare (as of April 2014): Adult- 700 JPY, Child- 350 JPY

For those taking the bus from Koiwai Station, there may be a wait due to the connection on the JR Tanzawa Line.

10-15 minute ride (6 km) from Koiwai Station.
Taxi fare: Roughly 2000 JPY (prices may vary from traffic conditions).
Shizukui Taxi Inc. (019-692-3131)

Approximately 80 minutes from Koiwai Station (6 km).

Location, direction and description
By Plane:
Express Bus:
45 minutes to Morioka Station going from Iwate Hanamaki Airport to Morioka Station.
Airport Liner:
Joint shuttle taxi. Reservations are needed in advance. Please refer to the Iwate Hanamaki Airport website for details.
Car rental:
50 minutes from the airport on the Tohoku Expressway.
Iwate airport to Hanamaki Airport IC to Morioka IC to Koiwai Farm Makiba Park.

Business Hours:
Daily (except Sat): 15:00 - 20:00
Saturdays and Jan 3rd 2017: 15:00 - 21:00
Parking information
Free parking available for 30 large buses and 2,000 standard cars.
Package detail / Schedule
    • Additional fares will be required to join activities and programs, which can be paid for on site.
Additional Note(s)
    • Please do not bring hard bats and balls into the park.
    • Please do not ride on light weight vehicles such as bicycles and scooters in Makiba Park.
    • Do not use tents or large umbrellas within Makiba Park.
    • To prevent fires, do not bring flammable objects into the Makiba Park.
    • Do not fly kites in Makiba Park.
    • You can find an English map of the farm here.
    • Business Hours:
      November 19 - January 7, 2017
      Daily (except Sat.): 15:00 - 20:00
      Saturdays and Jan 3: 15:00 - 21:00
      Hours are subject to change.
    • Lighting Hours:
      November 19 - January 7, 2017
      Daily (except Sat.): 16:00 - 20:00
      Saturdays and Jan 3: 16:00 - 21:00
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Credit card payment
Cancellation Policy
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USD 20.68
USD 20.68

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Availability Daily
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