The Ancient City of Kyoto Tour (Full-Day, Morning or Afternoon)

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Couldn't hear what the guide said

Reviewed by: Barbara, 2016/07/01

When we were on the coach I was sat at the front and could hear everything the guide said. Once we were at the shrines the group was too big for most of us to hear. Many people just wandered off on their own because they were not benefitting from the guide's input. If you were close to her it was possible to hear but there were too many of us for this to be possible. I enjoyed the shrines but could just have easily made my own way there as I learnt nothing much from the guide.

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Activity Date:2016/06/19
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Classical & Wonderful

Reviewed by: Kyoto Beginner, 2012/05/21

This tour is a good start for someone like me; first time in Kyoto and clueless but curious!
As one of your classical bus tour, it goes to those major sites that can’t be missed! Plus, it gave me ideas on what to do and where to go in Kyoto for the rest of my trip.
The sweet lady that was my guide was wonderful at picking up the points on where to look. My personal favorite, was the Sanjusangen-do visited in the afternoon. It was first a little scary to have over a 1000 statues looking at you, but at the artistic talent taken to create the life-like statues of the Japanese idols is a personal must see!
Also the Kyoto Handicraft Center visited during lunch had some pretty cool stuff! Kimonos, artwork, jewelry, and even some anime goods. A great place to get an idea for what to buy for an “omiyage”!
Fun and overall interesting, after this trip, I can see why my friends said Kyoto is rich in culture.

  • "Golden" Pavilion

  • Kiyomizu Temple

  • Peaceful Japanese Garden

  • Heian Shrine

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