Shourinji Temple
Activity location: Kyoto
Last updated: 2015/07/22
  1. Take home the peacefulness of Kyoto when you practice shabutsu at Shourinji Temple. Tracing the picture of a Buddha is said to help you meditate and bring enlightenment.

    From USD13.56

    (morning, afternoon)
  2. While in Kyoto, take a moment to calm your mind through the practice of shakyo at Shourinji Temple. Open to beginners, no Japanese knowledge required.


    (morning, afternoon)
  3. Soothe heart and mind with Zen meditation at Shourinji Temple in Kyoto. Seek calm in the quiet temple grounds then enjoy a reflective cup of tea afterwards.

    From USD9.04

    1.5 - 2.5 hour(s) (morning, afternoon)

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