Greet Divers
Activity location: Miyazaki
Last updated: 2016/04/13
  1. Hop on a boat and sail out to Oshima Island and explore the under water world. Enjoy spotting many colorful fish while snorkeling in the clear sea of Miyazaki.
    English Available
    Pick-up Provided


    10 - 11.5 hour(s) (morning)
  2. Leisurely spend your day playing with fish and other marine creatures in the Oshima area in Miyazaki. Safely make your way through the clear blue sea with your instructor.
    Pick-up Provided

    From USD88.84

  3. Capture another side of the sea at night and see creatures that are normally active after dark. Bring your C-card and enjoy diving in a different environment.
    Pick-up Provided

    From USD78.97