Lovers of arts and crafts will find a large variety of activities to choose from. Check out traditional Japanese arts like pottery, fabric dyeing and kanzashi, or make hyper-realistic plastic food samples. Create your own jewelry and accessories for a wearable souvenir or have fun painting, the choice is yours!
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  1. Make cure accessories using 'yakougai', local conch shells, once a precious item of export in the Ryukyu Kingdom era. Choose your favorite shells or fragments for a unique souvenir of Ishigaki Island!


    2 hour(s) (afternoon, evening)
  2. Choose from making your own tasty chili oil, pretty photo frame, clear candle, painting an Okinawa shisa,or making yummy sugar cane candy! A fun activity for both kids and adults, make a unique gift.
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    (morning, afternoon, evening)