Owl Cafe Experience: Meet and Photograph Cute Owls in Osaka Instant Confirmation

大阪店の今日のふくろうshot #1_1452

Get ready to meet a variety of owls!

Meet the fluffy feathered owls of the cafe and take pictures together with them. You can even rest them on your shoulder or head for a super cute pose.

  • 大阪店の今日のふくろうshot #1_1452
  • 大阪店の今日のふくろうshot #1_1452
  • 雑貨2
  • 雑貨2
  • 大阪店の今日のふくろうshot #1_1452
  • 大阪店の今日のふくろうshot #1_1452
  • 雑貨2
We are working to spread the joy of owls to everyone! Now you can book 5 tables at our shop online for even easier access.

*On weekends and holidays the following start times are available; 11:00, 17:00, 18:00, and 19:00.
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Your booking is only valid for the selected time slot. You will not be able to enter, and no refunds will be issued, if you do not arrive at your booked time.
Bookings are valid only at the location listed on your voucher.
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Adult (Age 13 & over)
USD 16.78
USD 16.78
USD 9.87
USD 9.87
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*The price is subject to change depending on the start time or add-on(s) you choose.
Adult (Age 13 & over)
USD 16.78
USD 16.78
USD 9.87
USD 9.87
13 years old or above: Adult fee / Kids 6 and under: parental supervision needed
  • Duration: 1 hour(s)
  • Available: Sun, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat
  • Pick-up: Not available
  • Inclusion: One drink (includes alcoholic drinks) / Time with owls / Photo shooting fee
  • Schedule
  • Check-in
    Time & Location
  • Check-out
    Time & Location

Starting time: 11:00 (Weekend and holidays) - 19:00 (Show details)
  • 11:00 Meet at Owl Family Osaka
  • Our Shop
    5ふれあい You will see a sign with Orange Owls, this is our shop. The windows are covered to protect the owls, so please open the door to let us know you are here; staff will guide you.
  • Seating
    5ふれあい We begin on the hour, every hour.
    Staff will take you to a reserved seat and take your drink order.
  • Sanitization
    5ふれあい Our staff member will disinfect your hands with alcohol. Please feel free to use the alcohol bottle on the table after you touch owls etc.
  • Instructions (~10 minutes)
    説明3 Our staff member gives you instructions on how to communicate with owls and things to be careful about. Please listen carefully, so you don't accidentally injure the owls!
  • Meet the Owls
    5ふれあい The staff will introduce you to the various owls. They can perch on your arm or head, or you can pet them and take pictures. Please be sure to turn the flash off when taking photos.
  • Thanks for Visiting!
    5ふれあい At 50 minutes in, it's time to say goodbye to the owls, and get ready to head out. Please enjoy looking around the gift store, where there is no time limit.
  • 12:00 Check-out at Owl Family Osaka
Package detail / Schedule
    • Children 6 or younger should be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
    • Your booking is only valid for the selected time slot. You will not be able to enter, and no refunds will be issued, if you do not arrive at your booked time.
    • Please note that this activity is reservation based, and standard walk-ins will not be guaranteed a seat or a spot in the cafe at your desired time.
Additional Note(s)
    • The total duration of the experience is 60 minutes, which cannot be extended.(xx:00~entry)
    • We are closed on Mondays, but open when a Monday is a national holiday, and closed on the next day instead.
    • House Rules:

      Disinfect your hands before touching the owls

      Ask our staff member to hand you the owl you wish to pet. You can put the owl on your shoulder, but it may defecate on you.

      Be sure not to release the leash because the owl may fall or fly and be injured.

      Do not touch the owl's neck, abdomen or legs, but only touch the head and back gently.

      Be sure to turn the flash off when taking photos.

      Be sure not to do anything that could injure or anger the owls.
    • This activity is held only in Japanese.
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  • Any cancellations made after 20:00 local time, 1 business days prior to the activity will be subject to a charge of 100% of the total amount.
USD 16.78
USD 16.78

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Pick-up Not available
Duration 1 hour(s)
Availability Sun, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat


by: kcat
had a great time with owl, they're really really cute, plenty time to take photos with the owls.
by: Neko Lau
It's the precious moment of my Osaka trip! Thank you for your staff who re-arranged the schedule for me on that day^^ Owls are really lovely and pretty, love them so much. Hope can visit again in t...more
I went with my girlfriend and 3 friends. It was a fun experience and the Owls were so adorable. You could tell that the staff were dedicated to taking care of them
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