Idol Show Tickets for Alice Project Live Concerts in Akihabara

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Reviewed by: NJM, 2016/11/20

This show delivers what it says and more. ..the crowd are passionate and lively. ..impossible not to smile. ..price includes 1500 yen of drinks or food :-)

Attended as:Solo Travelers
Activity Date:2016/11/11
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Enjoying Idol Culture!

Reviewed by: Anonymous, 2016/08/12

Just before the show, we made reservations and were able to go. Since we made the reservation during our trip, the hotel let us print our voucher from their fax machine. That was a little bit difficult.
We like idol groups and so we were really looking forward to it.
The amount of people having the buffet was small, so everyone just ended up ordering instead. However, one of the people there said that if you get the buffet plan, you can see the idols going back and forth during the intermission and say hello to them.
Next time I think we'll get the buffet plan!

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:N/A
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You See Cute Idols and Meet Incredibly Kind Fans

Reviewed by: Traveler, 2016/08/12

This was my first experience at an Akihabara idol theatre. It was a much friendlier and fun place than I had imagined.

All of the girls were cute and worked very hard. Even though they might feel tired of performing every day, they really gave their all singing and dancing. When I saw their enthusiasm, I smiled and applauded them.

About the fans. Even though I thought that Akihabara would be full of wota fans doing their crazy enthusiastic wotagei dances, the atmosphere was actually very calm. The fans all seemed to be kind to one another, for example bringing fellow fans who were shy to the front. Everyone had a great time together so I was surprised! Depending on the song, the fans would all face the stage or the center of the concert hall together, moving as one. They weren't pushing each other to reach the front of the stage at all, and instead really enjoyed the show together. It was a great, stress-free atmosphere.

As for me, I thought the purple girl from the "Armor Girls" was cute. I'm looking forward to the group's future activities since I think they could go on to perform in places like Zepp or Saitama Super Arena!

(Translated from Japanese by

  • 3 groups of masked girls

  • On the 7th Floor of Pasela

  • It's very close to Akihabara station and even feels safe at night.

  • Masked girls. A Very interesting concept.

  • The entrance on the first floor.

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Girls and dancing sticks!

Reviewed by: Zoe, 2016/05/02

Fun, entertaining underground pop idol show. It was interesting to observe how the girls interacted with the audience. There are special dance steps with the light sticks. Worth checking out, if you are interested in the Japanese pop music scene.

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2016/04/14
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Dance along with the idols!

Reviewed by: Ariel, 2014/10/17

4-5 trendy idol groups were there singing a couple of their original songs and dancing vigorously.
As I thought, “They are real idols, how cute!” people around us were dancing and singing. Their force, quality, dedication, and seriousness met those of the idols.
As a beginner, I felt confused, so I would like to share some rules you should know before going to an idol festival for the first time.

1. Stand up when your idol introduces herself
Seems there is a rule that when a idol introduces herself, the idol will raise her right hand and say 'Hi! I am XXX'. At that time, stand up and call her name

2. Be seated on the floor after the set ends
Idols will introduce themselves during that time.

3. If you want to take a photograph or get a signature, bring your own pen and camera.
After the festival(live show), participants will have some time to talk with the idols. You can also vote for your idol by putting a coin in the idol's ballot box which costs 1500 yen per vote.
hen the festival ends, maybe you might naturally want to support these idols? It was a precious experience, one you will never forget. It's recommendable not only for boys, but also for girls♪

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  • The building front

Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:N/A
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Crazy awesome show, the real Akihabara

Reviewed by: MikuMiku, 2014/10/10

We were looking for something different to do, and wanted to check out more of the Japanese subculture, so we decided to go to the show.

It was amazing, I had never seen anything similar, it is much more energetic and 'real' than AKB48. We saw 4 groups, including the popular Alice Juban and the Armor Girls. The idols were super cute (although I don'T know what they were saying) and so energetic. The fans are really into it too, although they were so polite! They took turns cheering the girls, and would sit on the ground when they talked!

If you want to experience the real Akihabara, go to this show.

  • The board outside (you need to go to the 7th floor of the building)

Attended as:Friends
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