Smartphone 3GB or 5GB SIM Card with Airport, Hotel or Pre-Departure Delivery

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Kansai SIM card experience

Reviewed by: 卡酪梨, 2016/09/30

While going to the Kansai region, I set the SIM card up after the plane took off. The first part is described in Japanese and has one extra step than the SIM cards from Taiwan. But I still managed to get it to work. (phew)

The SIM card worked smoothly, except underground on the subway. I saw Japanese people can use the internet while my friends and the SIM card could not be used. As for apps, photos on instagram load significantly slower than the SIM cards from Taiwan that my friends were using. Maybe because Kansai uses LTE more than 3G or 4G, but I am not sure. Google map and LINE work fine, but did not open facebook since I was unsure of the speed.

I had a lot of data left after using google maps along with Pokemon Go when I had time. It is enough to use just to surf websites and is a good option to use during low traffic.

Overall, using this SIM card was a good experience. Writing a review and getting a rebate is great!
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