interesting tour

投稿者: コウ アリス, 2016/03/14

The first time for canoe experience. Initially plan to see winter frost flower in the early morning, but the weather during the days we visited were too warm, so we changed to a morning ride. Saw lots of wildlife.

And the guide also caught up the end time, so that we could took photos of the SL 湿原号, a lovely vintage train. And

Overall, it is interesting. And the guide couple is very friendly and flexible. We enjoyed a happy experience.


The Kushiro river canoe tour participation of winter Thank you

I think that I suit your hope if it is the canoe tour from dawn at the beginning-of-the-month time in February.

some day, please challenge again -- I am waiting

Hiraiwa of a guide

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カヌーツアー 塘路~アレキナイ川~細岡コース<釧路市> by ヒライワの参加体験談 | 釧路・阿寒・摩周の観光&遊び・体験・レジャー専門 VELTRA(ベルトラ)

カヌーツアー 塘路~アレキナイ川~細岡コース<釧路市> by ヒライワの参加体験談 | 景色に変化があり動物を見る確率が高いコースです。広大な釧路湿原を流れる釧路川をカヌー目線で楽しめます。カヌーはプライベートでガイド一名が付きますのでゆったりとした時を過ごせます。自然をカヌーで満喫しませんか?