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  1. Best Luau evet
    Reviewed by: Tammy Gaiter , 2022/08/02
    The chefs Luau was the best one we have ever attended. Great seats, awesome atmosphere, wonderful food all topped off with a history lesson on Hawaiis culture. Then they threw in a little comedy and it was over the top. Grandkids loved it.
  2. So worth it!
    Reviewed by: Liz F., 2022/08/01
    From check in to the end this was well organized. We loved our waiter, how our table was set for us, delicious drinks. The show while we ate our dinner was amazing they did a wonderful job, the music was also pleasant, and dessert was yummy, the view is breathtaking. We went in July so we did not need sweaters of any kind. We did not know if we'd get motion sickness, so we still took some dramami...more