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This activity is not available to book at this time.

9-Hour Interactive Moroccan Culture and Arabic Language Workshop in Marrakech


Be immersed in Moroccan and Arabic cultures through a 9-hour workshop covering local languages and cuisine. Learn key phrases and gestures to strike meaningful interactions as you travel Morocco.

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This activity is not available to book at this time.
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  • 08:45 Meet the Creative Interactions team
  • 09:00 Moroccan Welcome Tea
    IMG_3219 A workshop designed for cultural travellers who want to get a taste of the rich and flavorsome spoken Arabic called Darija (Moroccan dialect). All workshops are taught by experienced Moroccan teachers. Upon arrival, you will enjoy a Moroccan tea as a welcome.
  • Unravel the mystery of the Arabic script
    arabic Unravel the mystery of the Arabic script while developing a greater appreciation for the language. This is an excellent introductory course that will help you get into the culture, build relationships and understand the Moroccan culture better.
  • You can choose to make a combo full day package
    IMG_3159 This itinerary is designed to cover 9-hours over 1 day. Alternatively, you can make a combo full day package of language workshop for 3.5 hours with lunch plus 3 hour cultural scavenger hunt around the medina. This is a good way to explore the old city by doing different activities.
  • 9-Hour Interactive Arabic Language Workshop for Serious Explorers
    P5171031-2 Spend 1 full day or multiple workshops (3-hours each) on a language course. Distinguish the letters of the Arabic alphabet & start reading words in places where you used to see only ”fancy decorations”. Take a taxi, ask for directions, book a hotel room, order food at restaurants & buy basic items.
  • Learn about Arabic and Moroccan Culture
    IMG_3236 Start by learning simple phrases, greetings and common gestures that will enhance your stay in Morocco. You will notice that you will be treated differently if you speak a bit of Arabic. You'll feel more comfortable navigating your way around the Medina and be able to ask basic questions.
  • At the end of the 9-hour workshop you will:
    P5171031-2 - feel more confident bargaining and shopping in the souk
    - learn how to handle unwanted attention from people trying to hassle you
    - become more familiar with the Arabic script
    - learn about the non-verbal Arabic (what do those gestures mean?) and understand the culture better
  • Learn how to cook a Tajine (traditional Moroccan dish)
    IMG_3167 You will discover that “Arabic” is not impossible to learn and you will come away with new words you can use right away during your stay in Morocco. Don’t take it too seriously – have fun and laugh at yourself when you make a language faux pas. It’s part of the experience.
  • Moroccan Arabic booklet written in English and Arabic script with phonetics
    Untitled This workshop includes a booklet and MP3 files that will help you develop in your ability to converse with locals and improve your pronunciation. Moroccans are very friendly and appreciate the fact that you are trying to speak their language.

  • 18:00 Check-out
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Creative Interactions
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Duration 9.5 hour(s)
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