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From Michelin-starred dim sum to heavenly bowls of noodles, bright yellow egg tarts and tempting hawker stalls, Hong Kong is the place to try Chinese and Western-influenced cuisine.
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  1. Feast on Hong Kong's famous dim sum and make new friends! Learn to how order like a local from your foodie guide and pick up a few Cantonese phrases. Get tips on what to try and where to eat next.
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    2 - 2.5 hour(s) (morning)
  2. Savor Hong Kong like a local on this foodie walking tour. Your guide will introduce you to several diners, food stalls, fun markets and more, as well as help you choose the best dishes to try!
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    Sun, Tue, Thu, Sat
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  3. Popular since their opening in 1969, take this great opportunity to savor the famed Peking Duck and Chinese delicacies at Spring Deer Restaurant with convenient advanced reservations.
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  4. Reserve a prix fixe meal at the famed Hello Kitty restaurant and savor the popular character as a delicious Chinese meal. Shop around and take photos of the Hello Kitty of Hong Kong!

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    (afternoon, evening)