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Underwater Sea Walker Adventure with Tropical Fish Encounters in Bali

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Entering the world of the fish

Reviewed by: rina, 2015/04/09

I like the sea and also watching fishes. That's why for me, who dreamed about scuba diving, seawalker is just like dream come true. I went to Bali with a friend as a celebration to our graduation. Actually, 4 years ago, we went to overseas resort, and wanted to do seawalker but could not make a reservation because it was full. For me this is a long-sought seawalker after 4 years. In the morning the staff picked up us at our hotel and we went to Sanur beach. It felt like a place to slowly let time flow by, very different from the city. Then, we watched a DVD about the seawalker, changed into our swimsuits, and got on the boat. The tour guide and instructor were both cheerful and it felt really friendly. When we climbed down the ladder suddenly there were a bunch of fish right in front of us. I was so excited, because I had never seen this kind of view outside of an aquarium. As we walked on the ocean floor, the instructor gave us some food for the fish, and we were surrounded with fish nibbling at our fingertips. It felt kind of strange. I also got a picture with a starfish, could touch coral, and had so much fun even though I was a beginner. It was a great time.

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A Lifetime Memory!!

Reviewed by: Hashin, 2015/04/09

This was my first time visiting Bali. I was worried because I do not speak the local language and do not know the local situation. But I relieved when a staff who can speak Japanese went with me. Seawalker does not need a dive technique like in diving, so I can enjoy the sea even though I can not swim. As for a reason I recommend this for women is we put the helmet on so our make up won't be washed out. This is a big advantage. We can enjoy this with a lot of friends or we can make a memorable moment with our special one. We can feed and even touch the fish, so it is a valuable experience. It is rare to be able to enter such clear seas in Japan, so if it is marine sports, Bali is the place, I say. Video and pictures were also available as optional purchases, for lifetime memories.

After the seawalker, there was an included lunch of Nasi Goreng, which we ate while looking at the ocean. This tour really hit two birds with one stone, with tasty food when I was tired, and wonderful memories. It wouldn't be too much to say this tour made my trip to Bali fun, the memories I made are great.

I think you can't go wrong with this tour! If you haven't already decided what to do in Bali, or you're worried about a language barrier, I really recommend this tour for you!

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