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Enjoy 12 massage stations in the pool

Relax in the Aquatonic Pool, with 12 hydromassage stations and natural seawater warmed to promote healing. Enjoy a massage or a drink at the Rock Bar too!

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Aquatonic - The Healing Power of the Indian Ocean

The Aquatonic Pool at the Bali Thalasso Spa contains 700 million liters of water directly supplied from the Indian Ocean and warmed to optimum temperatures to rebalance mineral deficiencies. Thanks to its floating effects, you can effortlessly exercise your way through 12 hydromassage stations containing over 60 individual therapeutic jet streams, micro-bubbles and geysers to rehabilitate injured muscles, relieve stress and promote relaxation.
Thalasso, the power of the Sea
Enjoy ultimate healing in the Aquatonic Pool.

Ayana Resort &Spa Bali - Themes Marins
Location:Ayana Resort &Spa Bali - Themes Marins
Business Hours:
Aquatonic Pool: 12:00 - 21:00
Pick Up and Drop OffVaries by plan

The ROCK BAR, Natural Luxury on the Cliffs
Located 14 meters above the Indian Ocean, at the base of Ayana Resort and Spa Bali's towering cliffs. This innovative open-top Bali bar is the island’s most glam sunset and after-dark destination. Soak up the chic ambiance and superstar views as the rhythm of the spot-lit ocean merges with the great music from the DJ booth carved into the cliff-face.
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This activity is not available to book at this time.
  • All Packages
    • Pregnant individuals may not undergo body treatments. Please switch to a soft Balinese massage or Facial treatment, or consult with staff on the day.
    • We ask that guests on their menstrual cycle do not make use of the Aquatonic pool. Should you have booked a package including time in the pool, we will happily reschedule so you may make use of the pool at a later date.
    • Complimentary Pick Up and Drop Off is limited to the Nusa Dua, Kuta, and Jimbaran areas, for groups with treatments totaling $303 or more.
Requirement(s) - Others
  • All Packages
    • If you would like to reserve a couples' room, the cost is $48.4 per room, paid on the day of the treatment. Please indicate during booking if you would like to reserve a couples' room.
Additional Note(s)
  • All Packages
    • The displayed prices include tax and service fees.
    • The Aquatonic Pool and jet exercise area was made specifically for adults. For safety purposes, its use is limited to individuals over 150cm in height, and 17 years of age or older.
    • Please check in at the spa 15 minutes before your booking time.
    • Smoking and alcohol are prohibited in the Spa. We also recommend not drinking alcohol 8 hours prior to your treatment.
    • The Spa is a place of serenity and relaxation. Please respect the quiet environment and privacy of other guests. Use of mobile phones and other electronic devices is not allowed inside the spa.
    • During the body treatment at the spa, please do not wear any clothes or underwear for a better experience. Disposable shorts and clothing will be provided. Your body will be covered with sheets during the treatment.
    • All Spa therapists are female, however some foot masseurs are male.
    • Seating in the standard area of Rock Bar will be provided.
    • Though the VIP line provides expedited guidance to Rock Bar, please be aware that there may be waiting times for tables or use of the cable car at peak hours. You can also take the stairs when the cable car is crowded.
    • Bar opens at 16:00. Please enter at your preferred time, but for the best sunset views, we recommend entering the Spa by 14:00, to be at Rock Bar around 16:00.
    • If you book for the Aquatonic pool after 18:00, we will guide you to Rock Bar from 20:00 or later.
    • If using the drop off service, 2 hours at Rock Bar are scheduled. If your planned departure varies from this, please reserve a specific time on the day.
    • Rock Bar access is limited to the same day as Spa usage. If Rock Bar is closed due to weather, access on another day will be provided.
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Cancellation Policy
  • Any cancellations made after 22:00 local time, 1 business days prior to the activity will be subject to a charge of 100% of the total amount.


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