1. Great and luxury kimono
    Reviewed by: Wendy Le, 2017/06/07
    the kimono is so great and luxury . I had a wonderful time at Tokugawa koen, Atsuta Shrine,Nagoya castle in kimono wearing . I will do again in next year Autunm with another colour. Thank you very much for everything your studio did and made me have a great time and beautiful.
  2. Very satisfied with Quality of Kimonos and professional staff
    Reviewed by: Elizabeth R Fernando, 2017/04/17
    The kimono dressing experience was truly amazing and definitely something that will be worthwhile doing again. The whole process was well thought out and really added to the fun experience. This is a once in a lifetime event so we really hoped for it to be good. We weren't too sure about it at first because it was our first time going there, but from the beginning, the lady who dressed us politely...more