Half Day Stained Glass Workshop with Pro Instructor in Nagoya

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My First Stained glass experience!

Reviewed by: MIE, 2016/03/01

You can see stained glass when traveling, in churches and such, but I wanted to make my own, so I joined this course.
I went by car on the day, there were some parking spots in front of the classroom. The first floor is the workshop space and the second floor is the classroom.
First, the shape of the initial work is decided. I chose a slightly deep dish for holding small things but there are many others to choose from, like a pen stand or lamp. Next is choosing the glass based on the blueprint. There were many odd ends of glass to choose from, with clear and opaque, marbled, or other styles, it was kind of hard to pick.
After choosing, first the instructor taught us how to cut the glass. It was much trickier to cut it straight than I expected, and it took a bit before I understood how. Once we could cut glass, we marked our design on paper and cut it to fit. During this the teacher brought out coffee and sweets, giving us a little break. (The room was a little cold, so I recommend thicker clothes)
Last is taping the pieces together then soldering them into place. The instructor helped me, so I could work surprisingly fast. Once you wipe up the solder, your work is done.
I started working about 10:00, and everything was finished around 13:30. It passed like a dream. On the way out, many of the students were showing their work off, really giving it the feel of "you can make this." I think now I'll be thinking about how difficult it was to make the stained glass I see. I want to do this again if I have a chance.

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Reviewed by: Korume, 2015/12/03

I had been interested in stained glass, but I thought it would be difficult to suddenly take classes. Then I found this one day experience and joined.
The classroom was stylish like a gallery.
First floor is a shop and classroom is on the second floor but I couldn't find it so one of the shop staffs guided me. I later found out it was the president, a very nice person.
I was working among students who regularly take classes.
The teacher was very frank and students also talked to me during creating, they were very kind.
The teacher made me understand easily, but students made their own works as they liked, so everyone asked different things, also teacher was welcoming visitors and very busy, running back and forth saying ""Try it like this! Then move on!"". It might be better to call out myself when I don't understand or going on to the next step.
It was not well formed, but I was so impressed once it was completed and lit up!!
My course was 14*00~16:00, and more skilled students could finish, but I took until 17:00. If the teacher isn't busy, I imagine I could finish earlier, but it's not a problem if you leave some extra time in your schedule afterwards.
A light was included with the lamp section, so I could use it at home right away.
This was really fun!

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