Make your own unique pottery creations as a useful souvenir of your trip to Japan. Using hand-forming, potter's wheels or other techniques, watch as your cups, bowls and plates take shape. Try special local styles, like creating shisa lions in Okinawa, or paint pre-made ceramics to match your home. Perfect for crafty guests or those traveling with kids.
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  1. Drop in for a beginner and all ages friendly ceramics making lesson at the Tokoname Pottery Ceramall. After making a unique creation, you can relax at the cafe.

    From USD11.83

    0.5 - 1 hour(s) (morning, afternoon)
  2. Create your very own traditional Tokoname ware using techniques dating back all the way to the twelfth-century. Using special methods, make your very own table ware.

    From USD27.53

    Family Discount
    Sun, Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat
    1.5 - 2 hour(s) (afternoon, evening)
  3. Let your artistic skills flow free in a half day activity that lets you paint and decorate your choice of item, for a unique finished product.

    From USD9.83

    (morning, afternoon)
  4. Learn how to shape your own ceramic works of art and feel the joy of creation with lessons led by traditionally trained and knowledgeable instructors.


    (morning, afternoon)
  5. Try your hand at making your own ceramic work with a fun and simple lesson designed to get even young children creating on an electric pottery wheel.

    From USD25.56

    (morning, afternoon)