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Sumo Fever!
Experience the culture of sumo while discovering the ancient Japanese traditions that still lives within the national sport till this day. Find out the secrets of their power through food, practices, and matches right in Tokyo!
Sumo wrestling first began as an ancient Japanese ritual for Shinto deities. Today, it has become a national sport of Japan and can be observed by the public in national tournaments.

If you are in Tokyo in January, May or September, sumo matches are a must-see! Outside these months, you can still catch a match in other parts of Japan or visit a sumo stable in Ryogoku to see the wrestlers up close while they practice for their upcoming match.

Complete your sumo experience with a hearty serving of chanko nabe, the staple dish that sumo wrestlers eat. An essential part of a sumo wrestler's weight gain diet, this hot pot dish is often made with meat, seafood and vegetables stewed in a delicious broth that warms the tummy and the heart.

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