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All Season Bridge Bungy Jump in Sarugakyo

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Leaf watching while bungy jumping! lol

Reviewed by: Sacchi, 2016/04/26

I went with some coworkers and all of us were really exceited to try jumping! This was my 2nd time trying bungy.
We got a rental car by the station. The site is out in the mountains, so it's probably tough to get there without a car.
Before we jumped we read the warning and signed a consent form. We also got weighed. They write your weight on your hand...
After that, we got the jump instructions. For this one, after you jump, you get pulled back up to the platform, so you have to hook the lift yourself. We practiced before jumping.
Next, onto the jump platform! There were 3 of us, bt the jump order wasn't set. Something about the set-up maybe?
Anyways, I was the first to go.
They were really careful on set up and double checked everything.
The staff were also really energetic and lively.
Even though I've jumped before, my legs were shaking when it was time to stand on the edge of the platform, haha
The guy giving my countdown really helped me stay calm, so I could jump on the first go!
It was great hanging over the river, watching it flow, and the autumn leaves were gorgeous too!
The body harness made it so I never hung upside down, so it was really comfortable.
The lift back up was nice and slow, so I could enjoy looking at the gorgeous scenery all around!
Between the sense of accomplishment at doing this and the beautiful foliage, it's a real once in a lifetime memory. I want to go again next fall!

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Into the blue!

Reviewed by: BaldBeard, 2016/02/10

Sarugakyo was the greatest! Got out of the car and right into an amazing area filled with autumn leaves and gorgeous trees. The music was pumping, the crew were friendly as could be, the check-in was smooth, and bam. I was getting into the jump gear and listening to the jump talk.
I got to see a couple people jump before me, so I was getting really amped up for my turn. The crew got me onto the platform and started doing their safety checks, making sure everything was set and safe.
Best part of this site? The freestlye jumps! I got a full spring start and just swan dived out into the sky. The jump was amazing since the river under me was bright blue, the sky was clear, and the trees everywhere were gold and red leafed.
After the bungy stops swinging they send a clip down for you to snap onto your harness, then you get pulled back up, giving you the perfect chance to chill and really see the scenery. I loved it and want to go back in every season to see how it looks!

P.S. My friends screamed their heads off, it was hilarious.

  • Strapping in!

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This was the best!

Reviewed by: L★S, 2016/02/10

My very first bungy! One thing this point had going for it was the beautiful scenery!!
It was fall when I went so the crimson leaves on both sides were super gorgeous.
At first I was feeling a bit scared and thinking I didn't want to do it, but the chill staff and dancy music had me feeling great. So great, I had a perfect jump!
Some people did exciting jumps back first, others did a feet first fall kind of style. As long as you listen to the instructions, you can jump completely freestyle!
After my jump I high fived the workers and got to see pictures of my jump (2~30 or so) on the computer. If you like them, you can buy them right then.

There's a lot more I want to write but there's no real words to get the thrill of the jump and the whole mix after you're back on the ground...
If I ever want to just vent my stress away I'll go again!!!

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