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This activity is not available to book at this time.

White Water Rafting on Tone River, Minakami


Into the rapids!

Minakami is the ultimate adventure city in Japan with easy access from Tokyo. Located in the sorce of Tone river, considered as one of the “three greatest rivers” in Japan.

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Spring and summer seasons are very different in terms of distance covered on the river and the type of experience, so pick your ideal thrill level.

Spring Whitewater Half-Day Rafting
The Spring Season brings world-class whitewater and high thrills when the mountain snow starts melting. The rapids in Minakami are some of the best in Japan with the main section of over 10kms of grade 3-4 whitewater.

Summer Half-Day Rafting
Summer Season offers a different experience to the big rapids and strong white water of spring. With less water flowing down the Tone the rapids mellow out and there is more time to mess about on the river.

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This activity is not available to book at this time.
Schedule & Location
  • Schedule
  • Pick-up/Check-in
    Time & Location
  • Drop-off/Check-out
    Time & Location

Starting time: 09:00 09:15 (7/1~10/22) 13:15
Starting time: 09:00 09:15 (7/1~10/22) 13:15
  • 08:00-09:00 Pick up on designated time or meet at Canyons (Total time: 3~4H)
  • Check-in
    Check-in at Canyons
  • Pre tour explanation
    Guides introduction and brief explanation of the tour. After getting changed, jump on the bus for a short ride to the start point.
  • Safety Briefing
    Once we arrive, the staff will check your equipment. Please listen to the safety briefing and instructions carefully. After the explanation, it is time to hop in the river!
  • Tour
    11026325_817948908283676_1221601150355180806_o And then the fun begins as we start heading down the river. Enjoy!
  • Goal
    After refreshing on the river, smiley faces all around!
  • Back to base
    Change out of your gear and meet up with your guide and team again. Look back at a great day!
  • Activity Ends at Canyons or Drop-off at Stations
    • People 13 years old and above can participate in this activity.
    • Participants who have consumed any alcohol on the day of the tour are not able to participate. If you are unable to participate because you consumed alcohol, it will be regarded as a cancellation on the day.
    • Pregnant individuals may not participate in this activity.
Required Items to Bring & Attire
    • Please bring a swimsuit or change of underwear to wear under your wet suit.
      Please refrain from wearing wet suit directly on bare skin. Bring a bath towel and your health insurance card or copy of it.
    • If you wear contacts bring goggles for swimming and spare contact lenses.
      If you wear glasses please bring a sports strap.
Requirement(s) - Others
    • Participants under the age of 20 require the signature of a parent or guardian to participate in this activity.
Additional Note(s)
    • The tour is carried out in rain.
      However, there may be cases where the activity is cancelled depending on the quantity of water.
    • Separate locker rooms for men and women are provided, as well as warm showers. A parking lot is also available.
    • In high season or busy hours, there is the case that pick up and drop off area is limited.
Booking Requirements (# of participants, vehicles, hours, etc.)
    • You can book a minimum of 2 and maximum of 35.
Activity provider
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Payment/Cancellation policy
Payment type
Credit card payment
Cancellation Policy
  • Any cancellations made after the booking confirmation date will be subject to a charge of 100% of the total amount.
Change policy
  • The cancellation fee also applies when you need to drop the number of participants after booking.


Language English, Japanese
Pick-up Available
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