Things to Do in Gunma
Check out some of the best tours and activities in Gunma!
  1. Learn how to make soba or udon noodle, apple pie, and Japanese style pickles during your trip. The flour and buckwheat are grown and milled locally, for a true taste of Minakami.

    From USD9.17

    Group Discount
    Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat
    1 hour(s) (morning, afternoon)
  2. Enjoy the thrill of rafting down the rapids of the Tonegawa River in beautiful Minakami! Feel the rush of adrenaline on this wild ride, open to beginners.
    Pick-up Provided

    From USD68.81

    4 hour(s) (morning, afternoon)
  3. Available to children and those who have never ridden a horse before, go for a short lead trail ride through the quiet forests of Minakami.

    From USD18.35

    Sun, Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat
    0.5 hour(s) (morning, afternoon)