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Check out the most popular tours and activities in Hiroshima, and read the reviews of other guests!

    Availability varies by date for all activities.

  1. Discover the techniques of ikebana with a professional instructor. With helpful English-assistance, learn more about the different schools, types of flowers, and the philosophy behind the art.
    English Available

    From USD61.88

    Group Discount
    Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat
    1.5 hour(s) (morning, afternoon, evening)
  2. Take a cruise along the World Heritage Sea Route and see Hiroshima's famous locations from the river. In the afternoon, explore Itsukushima Shrine, the Atomic Bomb Dome and the Peace Memorial Park.
    English Available


    Tue, Thu, Fri
    7 hour(s) (morning)
  3. Dress-up in a traditional kimono or hakama for an unforgettable experience in Hiroshima. Conveniently located near the Peace Memorial Museum, tour around the city at ease in an elegant kimono.
    English Available

    From USD59.34

    Group Discount
  4. Visit one of the most scenic places in Japan, Itsukushima Shrine and marvel at the towering Grand Torii. Visit Daishoin Temple before hiking up Mount Misen for an overlooking view of Seto Inland Sea.
    English Available
    Pick-up Provided


    5.5 hour(s) (morning)
  5. Make reservations and have the Sanyo and San'in JR Pass tickets delivered right to your door. Journey straight from Hiroshima to popular cities such as Osaka and Kyoto at ease.