Kushiro Marsh Tour by Private Taxi

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Reviewed by: MEGU, 2015/08/14

I'm really happy I booked this tour. I was fully satisfied.
Since I would only be in Kushiro about 6 hours or so, I thought about it, and booked this.
First, I appreciate the pick up and drop off services. Thank you for your kindness and fulfilling our request.
It was helpful to have the person in help plan the route, considering our time at Kushiro, the pick up and drop off places and times.
As I had only 1 hour and a half in Kushiro, I thought it would only be enough time to see the Kushiroshi Marsh Observation Platform. But I could enjoy the Kushiro Marsh more than I expected.
I mostly left it up to the taxi driver. We stopped at some sightseeing spots as he drove around the Kushiro Marsh.
While driving, he told me some red-crowned cranes were in the distance. I hear that it is rare to be able to see red-crowned cranes while driving on the road. When he was saying ""Today is lucky!"", we found another red-crowned crane couple far nearer to us. As the driver stopped the taxi, I could see red-crowned cranes from the taxi.
Another good point of taking a taxi is to I could stop wherever I wanted to see something.
Besides, the driver told me various information about the area, so it's much more interesting than just looking at the scenery.
Since it was just about noon time after we looked around Kushiro Marsh, the driver took us to a restaurant as the last stop. He was a very good guy so we took a picture with him as a memory.

I supposed that a taxi is expensive, but actually when we divide by the number of people who were with us, I think it is actually comparable to a bus tour.

We're really grateful to Kushiro Nikko Taxi. Thanks a lot.

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