Wi-Fi Router Rental Service with Unlimited Data in Hokkaido

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Happy overall with this Wi-Fi router rental

Reviewed by: Dave D, 2015/06/24

We rented this Wi-Fi hotspot to cover a 12-day trip in Hokkaido. I rented the WiMax2+ model because there seemed to be coverage in most locations in Hokkaido and the data for WiMax was unlimited. Unfortunately, our first night had NO coverage on the fringes of Sapporo and this frustrated me to no end because we still had 11 days of traveling to do. To top it off, our first hotel had NO internet in the room at all so I really needed the hotspot! What I ended up doing was enabling the LTE functionality of the hotspot which had GREAT coverage! The caveat to enabling the LTE function is that we (I believe) ran it out of data as it slowed to a crawl with two days left to go on our trip. When I say slowed to a crawl, I mean .05mpbs or slower (slower than 3G!) With only two days left on our trip I decided it wasn't worth trying to contact tech support and just put it in the provided return envelope and sent it back. I will mention that it worked great (data was really fast) to 7gb of data, according to the bandwidth monitor on the hotspot, and that's when the data slowed to a crawl.

I carried it in my pocket on excursions and plugged it in while in the rental car and we used it non-stop until it stopped working. I LOVED having this thing with me everywhere. I'd definitely rent something like this again, only I'd try to get something with more data than 7gb for a two week trip.

Veltra's rental service was excellent! I loved having it shipped to my hotel and provided with a return envelope for after our trip.

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Activity Date:2015/06/11
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Reviewed by: Cindy Yeo, 2015/06/07

My son went Tokyo before me and husband went for our trip to Hokkaido in December. It was a perfect choice to choose WIFI Router. My son could be reached at any time at any place by whatsapp.

Reply from activity provider

Dear Sir/Madam Cindy Yeo,

We sincerely thank you for your compliments and giving us a good rating.
I am very glad that I could be of help to you.
Please come to Japan again if there is an opportunity!!

Sincerely yours,

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It is sweeter the second time around

Reviewed by: Gem, 2015/06/02

This is my second visit to Japan and this time Hokkaido is our point of entry. First time experience mountain of snow and freezing temperature. Would love to come back again. Thanks to our WIFI router big help in locating our destination.

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