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Sapporo Afternoon Tour of Shiroi Koibito Park and Central Market

Seafood cropped

Get fantastic views of Sapporo by bus, and visit the famous Sapporo Central Market and Shiroi Koibito Park, with English, Chinese or Korean audio guidance.

  • Seafood cropped
  • Seafood cropped
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Established in 1868, Sapporo is one of the youngest cities in Japan, renowned for its culinary prowess and incredible wintry scenery

Be inspired by the intricate architecture of the ancient Hokkaido Shrine, surrounded by thick forests. Then, indulge your sweet tooth at the Shiroi Koibito Park. Follow up with a visit to the Sapporo Central Wholesale Market, where you can have some of the freshest seafood in the country for lunch.
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This activity is not available to book at this time.
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  • 12:55 Check-in at the Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
  • 13:10 Drive-by sightseeing
    ・Former Hokkaido Government Office Building
    ・Odori Park
    ・Former Sapporo Documentation Museum
    ・Hokkaido Governor's Office
    ・Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art
  • 13:40 Sapporo Central Wholesale Market (60 mins)
    339240 Enjoy browsing, shopping, and a delicious seafood lunch at one of Sapporo's local wholesale fish markets.
  • 14:50 Hokkaido Shrine (25 mins)
    339236 The most prominent Shinto shrine in Hokkaido, enjoy gorgeous and intricate traditional architecture.
  • 15:35 Ishiya Shiroi Koibito Park (65 mins)
    339239 A theme park by a local chocolate company, Ishiya. Shiroi Kobito is a popular cookie, consisting of two thin butter cookies and a layer of white chocolate in between, and makes a fantastic gift from Hokkaido!

    Miyanosawa Shiroi Koibito Soccer Field (view from bus)
  • 16:45 Nishimachi-Kita 20 Chome (drop-off at Miyanosawa Subway Station)
  • 17:00 Kita 1 Jo Nishi 12 Chome (drop-off point)
  • 17:15 Sapporo Clock Tower(drop-off point)
    The oldest building in Sapporo, it was built in 1878 and is one of the last surviving Western-style structures from the Meiji era.
  • 17:20 Check-out at Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
    • Please arrive at the 2F bus terminal window at least 15 minutes before the tour departure time, to exchange your voucher for the bus ticket.
    • If you wish to reserve a seat for a child under 6 years of age, please book as 'Child 6-11`.
Additional Note(s)
    • ・Ofukuro Shokudo: Salmon and roe rice bowl
      ・Higuma: Manpuku Set
      ・Ajidokoro Nikkai: Chuo rice bowl
      ・Aji no Nikou: Pickled squid rice bowl Set
      ・Kita no Ryouba: 5-topping rice bowl
      ・Kyouei Suisan: Kaisen rice bowl
      ・Mandara: Original soup curry
      ・Kita no Shun Sushi: Sushi of the day
      ・Meshiya: Special 5-topping rice bowl
    • Show your bus ticket stub and get a discount on food products (between 5% to 10%) from the stores and restaurants listed below:
      Itou Bussan, Iwamoto Store,Okada Store, Kanisen, Kanetai, Kitano Ryoba No.1~3 branches, Kyoei Shokudo, Tokusanbutu Hanbai, Nagamine Suisan, Nikkai No.1~3 branches, Nemuro Kani Ichiba, Hasegawa Seika, Fujimoto Saketen, Fujimoto Seika,Matsumoto Bussan.
    • Multilingual Audio Device (English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean) will describe the sights visible from the bus.
      In case of malfunctions or maintenance, this service may not be available.
    • Due to the Hokkaido Shrine Festival in June, it may not be possible to park in the shrine parking lot at that time.
    • The duration of sightseeing may be changed due to traffic and the number of passengers.
    • Arrival times may be earlier than scheduled due to holiday breaks or facility rules.
    • Depending on traffic or bad weather, the return bus to Sapporo Station may be delayed. Please allow enough time to make connecting transfers.
    • Tours may be cancelled due to natural disasters and road closure due to marathon race, etc. Please contact us and check the situation with the tour in the event of abnormal weather.
    • At the Central Market show the bus ticket stub and enjoy 1,500 JPY special dishes at the participating restaurants listed below. The special menu items may be sold-out or unavailable depending on the day.
    • ・Mercado Kitchen Mar: Special rice bowl (5 tasting dishes and dessert)
      ・Tairyo Sushi Wakakoma: Sea food Set (sushi or sashimi and scallop rice bowl, salad and soup)
      ・Kita-no Gourmet-tei: Crab and salmon roe rice bowl, sashimi, nori kurage and crab soup
      ・Ume-e Dou: Daily special sashimi rice bowl and crab soup
      ・Kita-no Shun: Sea urchin and salmon roe rice bowl with soup
      ・Kikusui Restaurant: Mackerel Set (with sea urchin or salmon roe)
      ・Kikusui Sushi: Crab, scallop and salmon roe rice bowl
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  • Any cancellations made between the booking confirmation date to 2 hours prior to the activity start time will be subject to a charge of JPY 100 per participant.
  • Any cancellations made after 2 hours prior to the activity start time will be subject to a charge of 100% of the total amount.


Language English, Japanese, Chinese
Pick-up Not available
Duration 4.5 hour(s)
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