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Ice Breaker Sunset Cruise with Asahiyama Zoo Visit from Sapporo

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Nice but very long journey.

Reviewed by: Gul Arora, 2020/02/14

The touring company is good and the tour guide, Mr Nori was very sweet, spoke fluent English. There were enough stops to refill and we were told about them at an adequate time.

For those who don't want to read the details:
- Be prepared for very long hours in bus [while coming back, close to 4 hours [WITH ADEQUATE PIT/ TOILET STOPS]
- Wear anti slip shoes if you go in Winters. I saw many people slip and fall.

The two main points of the tour are the Zoo and the Cruise.

The day starts really early and you are picked between 7.40 am to 8.20 am depending on where you are staying.

Reach zoo: 11 am
Time at Zoo : Approx 2 hrs

It may sound like a very long time but its really not. The highlight is the penguin walk which starts around 11 am so, you have to rush down to the bottom of the Zoo [Yes, bottom as the Zoo is kind of a meandering slop with exhibits/ enclosures at various parts of the slope]. Penguin walk and a cafe is right at the beginning of the slope which is the farthest from the drop off point.

Then you walk your way up and see various animal enclosures.

Leave the zoo : 1 pm
Reached cruise port : Approx. 3.30 pm
Cruise starts : 4.10 pm

The cruise is approximately for 1 hour and is basically, the boat going through drift ice and breaking huge chunks of it. It was cloudy so there was no sunset to be seen.

if you are a nature lover [ and of course need beautiful pics for instagram/ FB] then its a lovely cruise. I am a student of Geography and I loved it. However, many people may not find it too thrilling/ interesting especially because of the journey back.

Journey back starts : Close to 5.30 pm
Reach drop off point : close to 9.30 pm or later [4 hours inclusive of few pit stops]

Some small children got tired and irritated and were crying.

Long day! be prepared for it.

  • Ice sculptures outside the Cruise point

  • Penguins at Asahiyama Zoo

Attended as:Families
Activity Date:2020/02/12
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Amazing experience!

Reviewed by: Nadine, 2020/02/10

Although it was a long trip on the bus, it was totally worth it. The zoo is very good, especially if you have been to some animal places in Japan, that usually have a different (read: lower) standard when it comes to animal rights. But this zoo was one of the better ones in Japan.

The ice drift cruise was freaking cold but very unique and I got a lot of nice photos!

I totally recommend it!

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2020/02/08
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Great day out, especially penguins

Reviewed by: Casper , 2019/03/03

Penguins were so cute,the zoo was fun.
But we didn’t have ice to break for the garinko, it made up with a nice sunset .
Return journey was Long, great that they alerted us to order bento. If not, I would have been starving l.

Attended as:Solo Travelers
Activity Date:2019/02/28
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