Hike to the top of mountains, or enjoy a fun trek through green forests. See local wildlife, or gaze at hidden lakes and waterfalls. With tours that range from a few hours to overnight adventures, hikers of all levels can find the right package for their needs. Make sure you bring the right gear for the season!
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  1. Walk in a dark forest with your guide, then try sitting in the dark without a flashlight. Let your hearing discover a new side of the forest in this unique trek!
    English Available

    From USD48.94

    Group Discount
    2 hour(s) (evening)
  2. Mt. Kamuishiri is a striking figure in the Kabato mountains. Its sharp ridges hold flowers as the snow thaws. Wander through the beautiful fields with a guide.
    Pick-up Provided


    (morning, afternoon, night)
  3. Hike Mt. Hakken, home to about 150 species of wild birds! The many animals and 300 year old trees create a unique atmosphere as you trek and relax.


    (morning, afternoon)

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