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Couple Kimono Dressing and Rental Plan in Kanazawa


Walk down the picturesque streets of Kanazawa together while dressed in traditional kimono. A fun date activity for couples, make sure to take lots of photos!

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Choose from a wide selection of stylish kimonos in a massive variety of fashions, materials, and colors. The knowledgeable staff will help you find the type that best suits you, coordinate your outfits, and assist in getting you ready to explore the old streets of historic Kanazawa. Graceful and historic buildings line the streets, and it will feel like you have stepped back in time. Perfect for a romantic trip to Ishikawa!

The shop is conveniently located just a short walk away from Kanazawa Station.
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1 Select a date
2 Select the amount (# of participants, vehicles, hours, etc.)
You can book a maximum of 15.
1 Group (persons 2)
USD 165.08
USD 165.08
Quick Confirmation USD 0.00 USD 0.00
USD 0.00
USD 0.00
*The price is subject to change depending on the start time or add-on(s) you choose.
1 Group (persons 2)
USD 165.08
USD 165.08
  • Available: Sun, Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat
  • Pick-up: Not available
  • Inclusion: Kimono Set (sandals, bag, obi and underwear) / Kimono Dressing / Ladies' hairstyling
Overnight Kimono Rental with Hotel Return (for 2) per group + USD 20.64
Overnight Kimono Rental with Hotel Return (for 2) per group + USD 20.64
Package detail / Schedule
Schedule & Location
  • Schedule
  • Check-in
    Time & Location
  • Check-out
    Time & Location

Starting time: 09:00 - 16:00 (Show details)
  • 09:00 Meet at Kokoyui
  • Choose your Kimono
    BFQPb8NQ With a wide selection to choose from, you are sure to find the colors of kimono and obi sash that best suit you!
  • Hairstyling
    You hair will be styled to best complement your kimono.
    *Ladies only.
  • Go Explore Kanazawa!
    uq2OZbcA Walk the preserved streets of the Higashi Chaya District (East café street) and Nagamachi Buke Yashiki District (old samurai residences in Naga-machi), perfect as backgrounds for your pictures!
  • Return to Kokoyui
    Please return your kimono to Kokoyui by 17:30 on the day.

    Rental extensions are available.
  • Check-out at Kokoyui
Required Items to Bring & Attire
    • Gentlemen are required to bring leggings to wear underneath the kimono. Ladies do not need to prepare anything for their kimono dressing.
Additional Note(s)
    • Kimono selection, styling, and dressing will take roughly one hour from arrival.
    • Baggage can be stored at Kokoyui, so you can enjoy easily walking around in your kimono.
    • Rental kimono cleaning fees are included in the rental fee. This covers small stains by rain, snow, or food, however, additional fees may be charged if the rental kimono is damaged by cigarettes, bleach, heavy stains or other damage that are very difficult to fix. Please inform staff if the kimono was stained or damaged when you return it.
    • <Damages>
      Standard Kimono: 12,000 JPY
      Premium Kimono: 20,000 ~ 40,000 JPY
      Formal Kimono: 30,000 ~ 70,000 JPY
      Long-sleeved Kimono: 30,000 ~ 100,000 JPY
      Formal Obi: 20,000 JPY
      Nagoya Standard Obi: 10,000 JPY
      Yukata and Men's Obi: 3,000 JPY
      Hakama Pants: 10, 000 JPY
      Obi Ties and Accesssories: 3,000 JPY
      Zori Sandals: 4,000 JPY
      Geta Sandals: 1,000 JPY
      Inner Collar: 1,000 JPY
      Full Collar: 5,000 JPY
      Underwear: 1,000 JPY
      Inner Ties: 200 JPY
    • Wide Kimono Tie: 500 JPY
      Elastic Kimono Belt: 500 JPY
      Obi Board: 500 JPY
      Obi Pillow: 500 JPY

      *The above prices do not include tax, and are per item.
Booking Requirements (# of participants, vehicles, hours, etc.)
    • You can book a maximum of 15.
Activity provider
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Payment/Cancellation policy
Payment type
Credit card payment
Cancellation Policy
  • Any cancellations made after 23:30 local time, 1 business days prior to the activity will be subject to a charge of 100% of the total amount.
USD 165.08
USD 165.08

Taxes & fees included

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Pick-up Not available
Availability Sun, Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat
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