Morning and afternoon cruises are a great option for leisurely sightseeing. See Tokyo's skyline pass by on the Sumida River, explore dramatic gorges surrounded by lush forest, or cruise through the turquoise sea and vibrant mangroves of Okinawa. No need to walk when the best sights come to you instead! Book before you leave for peace of mind.
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  1. Taki Dam is in lower reaches of Osanai River, about 8 km from Kuji Bay. You can see the ocean from the dam. Please enjoy the scenery with untouched mountain stream on the sightseeing houseboat.


    1 hour(s) (morning, afternoon)
  2. Get great views of Iwate's wild and rocky coast, and sail around the dramatic cliffs on this fun cruise in Tanohata. Great for kids and small groups.


    (morning, afternoon)