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Special Entry for the Hot Spring Theme Park Yunnesun in Hakone

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Amazing experience

Reviewed by: Emmers, 2017/09/15

Hosts were warm and welcoming, the entire event was fun as well as informative. The location was beautiful, complete with an indoor fountain. The kimonos we wore were exquisite and the tea was delicious. Would do this again if I'm ever back in Kyoto.

Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:2017/09/13
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Only in Japan

Reviewed by: Jasmine, 2016/03/07

I went to Hakone for a day trip from Tokyo with my friend and thought this was a fun thing to do in the Winter. If you ever dreamed of swimming in your tub, this may be the place for you... but crazier. There's a coffee tub, sake tub, green tea tub, wine tub, and even a ramen tub!

I managed to catch the tub events too! In the coffee tub, they poured fresh (warm) brewed coffee, in the wine tub, they splashed red wine and in the special limited time ramen tub, they added in bath mixes in the shape of noodles. All the tubs are simply bath mixes, so it's actually not harmful to the body.

The facility is also very clean with showers and plenty of lockers. English instructions are also written from place to place, so it's pretty easy to get around! You can also go in with a bathing suit, so those who want to sort-of experience a "hot springish" time with their family, this may be a place for you. Definitely a unique experience!

  • Red wine tub that actually smells like red wine.

  • The whackiest ramen tub only available for a little while.

  • You might drown yourself in sake. Literally.

  • A coffee lover's dream come true. Without the caffeine intake.

Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:2016/03/05
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Quiet weekdays are the best!

Reviewed by: Anonymous, 2016/01/07

I got there about noon on a Monday.
I thought it was kind of tough to go if you do nott have a car since you have to go to Odawara by Romance Car, then to Hakone Yumoto by train and finally take a bus for 20 minutes from there. This time I went by train since I was planning to drink alcohol, but I will go by car next time.
There are a variety of types of baths. Since I went on a weekday, it was not crowded and I could soak in the baths as I liked. In the afternoon, it was neat seeing the staff add the bath extract (?) at certain times.
I entered Doctor Fish without waiting, but I had to pay an extra 100 Yen.
On the whole, I felt that it was smaller than when I visited in the past (the wine bath was outside before), so I was surprised.
Also, just as a personal note, the whole floor was kind of wet, and I am a bit of a clean-freak, so it was uncomfortable, haha.
If you do not like staying pool side, it might be tough. I wish I had brought sandals.
On returning, I took a bus from the bus depot in front of the building and got off at Odawara.
I did not have a hard time on the way back home.
I have no complaints about the price and volume of food and drink, and it made for a great way to spend the day!

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Attended as:Couples
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