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by: Aussie Sensei Great for students and adults alike! This was a great activity. All students and teachers were able to make a professional looking product, and it was easy a...more
Introductory Traditional Kyo-Yuzen Hand-Dyeing Workshop in a Machiya
by: Maha babe Awesome fun cultural experience Everyone was so kind and supportive, was fun and very accommodating. Helpful. Went above and beyond expectation in terms...more
Authentic Maiko or Geisha Makeover and Photo Shoot Experience in Gion
by: jewon310 Lovely location, outstanding service, mesmerizing Maiko dancers We missed the shuttle bus so taking a taxi was our only option. The Hotel Monterey Kyoto front desk was so kind and will...more
Riverside Dinner with an Authentic Kyoto Maiko at Momijiya
by: Phyllis Viana Magical Evening From the drive out of Kyoto Center up the cool hills past traditional tiled roofed houses, to our evening end with our g...more
Riverside Dinner with an Authentic Kyoto Maiko at Momijiya

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