Home-style Sushi and Tempura Japanese Cooking Lesson

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Made my first Sushi and it was GOOD!!

Reviewed by: Sushi Apprentice, 2012/04/04

Be prepared to enter the kitchen of the traditional Kyoto housing! Being 6’ 1” & weighing 180lbs, a kitchen made for the standard Japanese physic was tight! Still the instructor was well prepared so stress was minimal once the class began.

If the first shock was the kitchen size, the next was that Japanese dishes are prepared with 3 or 4 primary seasonings! Sounded simple until the instructor took out a wood like object for the main seasoning!

This dried bonito (not wood) collaborating with the dried kelp broth created the “Dashi” used in each dish prepared. The broth flavorful, but not too strong, enhanced the flavor of each ingredient, making each dish taste differently. Truly surprising!

And the accompaniment of the instructor during the meal was a delight too. I got me additional cooking tips and table manners to take home!

My goal in taking this course was to surprise my Japanese wife. And the written recipe (included in the course) came in very handy back home!

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