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Meet a Maiko in Kyoto with Dance Show, Dinner and Easy Transportation

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very nice show, one of a kind entertainment

Reviewed by: Albert B., 2017/06/17

It was a true, one of a kind entertainment. The Geisha (Maiko) was beautiful and she has grabbed the attention of everyone present. The dance, the kimono, the make-up - it was all original. I have also had a chance to learn more about the Geishas, how they work, how they live and what this line of work is about. An amazing insight, into an old Japanese tradition.
There was even a photo opportunity with the Geisha. The tour guide explained everything to us and there was even a Q&A session.
The dinner was delicious, a traditional Japanese meal in a beautiful Bento box.
The entire group was taken to a show in taxi cabs, and dropped off at the requested destinations afterwards. Nice touch. Often this type of tours ends in one spot, somewhere in a city and you have to find your way home. This tour agency took care of everything to the last minute. I had a return train to Osaka that evening, and they dropped me off at a train station. Thank you!

Attended as:Solo Travelers
Activity Date:2017/05/22
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A wonderful night with dinner and performance

Reviewed by: Javier see, 2015/10/04

The whole night progressed well , as there were not many people who joined this tour. Hence we were able to savour our meals privately with a nice ambience environment. The food prepared was good and the tour guide was friendly and helpful. She tried to make our evening as comfortable and relaxing. After the dinner, it was the maiko's performance. She performed 2 pieces and she showed her experience as her movement, and dance was exquisite and graceful. I even had the chance to play games with her! The maiko was kind enough to share with us when we asked questions and lastly we visited the embroidery museum and the artwork was fantastic.

Overall the event went quite well and i was very satisfied throughout the whole event!

Attended as:Families
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Beautiful show and a filling delicious meal

Reviewed by: Mike, 2015/09/19

Everything went perfect as the evening progressed. After a great dinner and show we enjoyed the embroidery museum as well. Great works of art.

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2015/08/28
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