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Buddhist Zazen Meditation at Shourinji Temple in Kyoto

Bishamonten Shourinji Temple

Bishamonten Shourinji Temple

Soothe heart and mind with Zen meditation at Shourinji Temple in Kyoto. Seek calm in the quiet temple grounds then enjoy a reflective cup of tea afterwards.

  • Bishamonten Shourinji Temple
  • Zazen at Shourinji Temple in Kyoto
  • Meditation hall in Shourinji Temple
  • Bowing during Zazen meditation in a Kyoto temple
  • Halls and garden view inside Shourinji Temple
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Zazen seated meditation practitioners seek to calm the body and mind to bring themselves closer to enlightenment. This is the most important aspect of Zen Buddhist practice, learning to sit quietly and detach from thoughts and judgement. Join the monks of Bishamondo Shourinji Temple as they lead you into the first steps of this meditative practice within the quiet tatami halls and garden-facing porches of the temple.
Shourinji Temple itself was built in 1550, and the Heian-era statue of Bishamonten which graces the altar was originally found hidden in the ceiling of Tofukuji Temple.
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This activity is not available to book at this time.
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by: Catharina
Nice Temple, nice experience, but only in japanese with a handout with short instructions in english.
The meditation was explained in Japanese and they are not very accommodating to visitors.
by: Tota
Nice experience! It was the first time for us! Nice environment also!