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Shakyo (Sutra Copying) at Shourinji Temple

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Lovely idea、badly informed.

Reviewed by: Stevie , 2019/07/05

It was a rather awkward experience sadly. I speak basic Japanese、slowly learning but the communication was terrible. Had the experience warned of this it wouldn't have been a problem as I'd have been better prepared. It says they speak some English. The woman who was organising me spoke zero English and when I apologised in Japanese and explained I understood little Japanese (in Japanese) it made no difference. She'd keep talking to me and I had no idea what was going on. She was lovely but I felt really uncomfortable.

After spending the time writing the sutra I didn't even get to keep it. She just took it and placed it under an incense stand with a bunch of others. There was no information on this or what they even do with it. I would have liked to take it away as a momento or have some sort of info on what happens with it next!

This experience is a lovely idea but you need to better inform the person taking part. This experience information certainly needs updating.

I did enjoy matcha and wagashi whilst sitting looking out a beautiful garden but that was the only part that was as it says in the description. No-one was around to check I was doing things right or wrong、i was simply placed in a room and left to it. Would not recommend at all、sorry.

Attended as:Solo Travelers
Activity Date:2019/07/05
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