Traditional Japanese Sweets Making Experience in Arashiyama

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Fun sweets-making class!

Reviewed by: Heather, 2016/07/03

It was nice getting to make various traditional Japanese sweets. The instructor did a good job of explaining how to make the various pastries and you are able to make out what you need to do, even if you don't speak Japanese. It would have been fun to make the ingredients from scratch, but then the course would have been much longer, so all the main ingredient were pre-made for us. Our treats came out pretty good, but the only downside is that you have to eat then by the end of the following day, but ours made it another day in the fridge.

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2016/06/30
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Reviewed by: Sacha, 2015/08/20

After a busy schedule it was nice to do something at a slower pace. I like baking and art so this was fun for me.

Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:2015/08/11
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First time making Japanese Sweets

Reviewed by: Yo-Da, 2015/07/10

As I sometimes make Western sweets but hardly make Japanese sweets, I made a reservation for this interesting experience.
It is kind of far from the center of Arashiyama, but it was a very superb store of Japanese sweets.

On the day for which I made a reservation, there were college students from Taiwan who were visiting to commemoratw their graduation, and about 20 people were there.
As they did not know Japanese, I was wondering how the teacher was going to teach, but a man who makes the Japanese sweets came to them and taught them how to prepare the sweets. They were so happy and excited. As for me, I am a clumsy person, but I was able to make a relatively satisfying Japanese confectionery.
I made three fresh sweets, hydrangea, fringed pink, and tsuyunosato (name of confectionery), and a Kizato, which looks like it was clipped. The wagashi are very delicate, but since the confectionery maker taught us one by one, even a person like me could make it. Using a spatula and cloth is also an interesting experience.
Furthermore, making method also differs a little for each type of confectionery, which was fun.
After making, you can taste the confectionery you made with green tea at the store. You can also bring back some other confectionery too. I'm so glad I could take some as a souvenir. I want to make these again!

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Attended as:Solo Travelers
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