Samurai Sword Dance Lesson at Samurai Kembu Theater in Kyoto

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Great Class, wish it was longer

Reviewed by: Sireesha, 2016/08/29

We got to learn a few sword moves and a short dance sequence. We got dressed up for about 30 mins in the Samurai costume. After dressing up, they took photographs. After we practiced the dance, we each got a chance to perform.

I would say, if you are looking for cutting straws, this is not the class. But, it is a fun exposure to samurai culture.

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Activity Date:2016/08/23
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Definitely Recommend This!

Reviewed by: Reiko, 2016/08/09

I'm part of an international marriage so as a present for my husband, who likes the Last Samurai, and my children, we participated in the simple lesson 1-hour course during our sightseeing in Japan.

At first, I was worried about the possibility of the instructor being someone who only aimed to entertain foreign visitors in a silly way. However, the instructor was well-spoken, taught swordplay and answered questions properly and guided everyone well. The important points of the lesson were all understood. My husband and children who participated as well as me, who only observed, were all very satisfied with the lesson.

I will definitely recommend this to my samurai-loving friends that are traveling to Japan.

(Translated from Japanese by

Attended as:Families
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