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Summertime Riverside Dinner in Kyoto with Maiko Performance at Momijiya

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beautiful place!

Reviewed by: mact, 2019/08/16

dinner was great, super good service. Make sure to wear mosquitos repellent

Attended as:Families with Young Children
Activity Date:2019/08/13
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Lovely location, outstanding service, mesmerizing Maiko dancers

Reviewed by: jewon310, 2018/09/18

We missed the shuttle bus so taking a taxi was our only option. The Hotel Monterey Kyoto front desk was so kind and willing; she called the cab and informed the taxi driver where to drop us off which saved us a lot of time. The shuttle from the restaurant came out and met us about a mile away as the roads get narrow and difficult to find for drivers unfamiliar with that area. The cab fare came out to be about $35-40 from the Hotel (which was less than what I expected). I highly recommend catching the shuttle service on time (be there early as they will leave exactly on time!)-- not only it's more comfortable having someone drive you to the restaurant, but it will save you time and money.

The restaurant is located in a very secluded and quiet area, completely surrounded by nature. They will greet and walk you to your designated table. The guiding lights in the complete dark woods make the ambience more beautiful. All meals will come out in your eating pace... which is important because I eat pretty slow and sometimes course meals rush you to hurry up and eat. I wasn't sure how to eat fish properly (whether I was supposed to eat the whole entire fish or leave the head or tail), so the older lady came over and removed all the bones for me. Service was fantastic.

There were two Maikos that night-- both Maikos came around, very willing to take pictures and answer questions/ conversate with you. When they start their dancing, I couldn't help but to stare in awe. They look like walking dolls. They also had goodies before the show (i.e a fan, canvas bag, etc). It was a pleasant experience. I highly recommend this tour. I want to do this again if I travel back to Kyoto in near future.

  • beautiful location

  • good

  • you will hear the water streaming

Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:2018/09/03
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Magical Evening

Reviewed by: Phyllis Viana, 2018/09/10

From the drive out of Kyoto Center up the cool hills past traditional tiled roofed houses, to our evening end with our gracious hosts smiling behind us as we walked back over the rope footbridge with the twinkling Japanese lanterns lighting the lush green river - A Magical Evening indeed.
Arriving at sunset, you see the beauty of the hot spring resort with our tables overlooking the river and mountain forest. We ordered the snow course (full- larger Kayseki) dinner. Traditional hosts (who speak only a little English) took us to our low tables set with course 1, gift Japanese fans and menu's in English. Sake and beer is additional. We had 2 Maiko's that evening, each separately visited all the tables to take pictures. (they speak Japanese, but can answer a little of English questions) Food was fresh, delicious and so artistically presented course by course. The beautiful dance & musical entertainment was lovely in the intimate setting. Each group had their own tables and the room is not too large. Splurge and treat yourself to this special experience.

  • Maiko visiting our table before show

  • Entering via rope footbridge

  • Traditional tiled houses on the drive up the hills at sunset

  • sushi course

  • summer kimono on the footbridge over the river

  • courses

  • Maiko performing

  • Maiko 2 visiting our table

  • Japanese lanterns light the river after sunset, view from the bridge

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2018/07/29
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Fantastic dinner and show

Reviewed by: Amy, 2018/06/24

My parents took this tour and had a wonderful time. The setting was beautiful and the evening couldn’t have been more perfect with nice warm weather. They really enjoyed the meal of Shabu Shabu and felt the meat was tender and delicious. They really enjoyed meeting the Maiko and admiring her beautiful clothing and make up as well as her dancing. They staff were all very friendly and the included transport back to their hotel was very convenient.

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2018/06/22
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Definitely a highlight of our trip

Reviewed by: Susan , 2018/06/15

We were so glad that we decided to purchase this dinner. The restaurant have an amazing view of the river and eating at the kawandoko (terrace on top of the river) is an experience not to be missed. We got the shabu shabu meal and it was perfect since when we went, it was raining and cold, so it was the perfect warming up meal for us.
The maiko came at around 7 and talk to each of the table, take photos and answer a few simple questions. She can't speak well in English, but she can understand if you speak basic English and very slowly. Then she performed 2 dances, they both very elegant and beautiful.
At around 8 pm, the restaurant switch off the lights, so that we can watch fireflies around the riverside. Apparently this is only happens in June. It was truely an amazing and unforgettable experience for both of us.
The pick up and return transfer is pretty efficient too, very happy overall. Definitely would recommend!

  • Maiko Dance

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2018/06/11
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Breathtaking experience!

Reviewed by: C. Yao, 2018/06/11

This trip was very pleasant experience. I was there with my mom and we both enjoyed very much. Food was great. Two people share a hot pot, with one big plate of Japanese beef and one plate of vegetable! The highlight was to watch Maikos dance in a very close distance! I can see her holding her pose and dancing slow but gracefully. It is breathtaking! I would say this is the best trip you can do to get the completely Kyoto experience! Love it!!

Attended as:Families
Activity Date:2018/06/10
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Amazing experience

Reviewed by: Kim, 2017/08/28

I booked this for 2 people even though I was going alone, because it was the only way the website would accept the reservation. The day of the tour I had my hotel contact them to update my hotel pick up info, which also updated the number of guest. I was pleasantly surprised that they refunded the second ticket. The food and location were amazing, as was the meetings with the maiko and watching them dance. I wish there was a translator during your meeting with them. Since there wasn't, I only spent about 3-5 mins with each maiko whereas the tables of Japanese guests spent as much as 15 minutes with each of them. Otherwise, it was amazing.

Attended as:Solo Travelers
Activity Date:2017/08/24
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Nice show

Reviewed by: Lumi, 2016/07/28

Well orhanised. Noce show, good food.great location
Thank you!

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2016/07/20
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Highly Recommend

Reviewed by: Karen Q, 2016/06/13

we had a great time at the dinner. Recommend to come in June as you will see fireflies if the weather is good. Food is great and the service is amazing. Very worthwhile!

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2016/06/10
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