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Half Day Traditional Batik and Indigo Dyeing Lesson in Kyoto

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Nice workshop!

Reviewed by: Annaïck, 2019/10/29

Spot easy to find.
First you get to chose your design from the design library sorted by styles.
You can also come up with your own design (a black and white print is all you need)
Then the host teaches you how to apply wax. You get a little training on sample.
Afterwards you can apply wax on the kind of fabric you selected for the workshop with the chosen design.
Once it’s done, it’s time for the dyeing process, which takes 10 to 15mn.
Then the piece of cloth gets dried very quickly, in less than 5 mn.
The result I had on my design was a bit bolder than expected.
I think I got a bit too heavy on the wax and brush ;)

Host is friendly and easy to communicate with in English!

Attended as:Solo Travelers
Activity Date:2019/06/06
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Fun to try & a nice souvenir to take away

Reviewed by: Stevie , 2019/08/06

Host was very kind and helpful. I was the only one on the day but he was very informative and patient nonetheless. I would be shown each step and left to continue whilst he would check and see my progress. I liked that he gave me space to get on with it, otherwise I would have felt pressured into rushing. When it came to mixing and rinsing the dye, I didn't need to do much but it was interesting to watch him finish the process. The product came out looking lovely and the overall experience was interesting. A good experience whether in a group or solo.

  • I chose a Japanese wash cloth and a temple design

Attended as:Solo Travelers
Activity Date:2019/07/06
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Extremely enjoyable workshop

Reviewed by: PoorMan, 2019/06/16

We have never worked on cloth dyeing like this before. The store owners were incredibly friendly and walked us through every step of the process. They were always there to answer questions and provide assistance if we needed it. The entire process was fascinating, making the experience that much more interesting and fun. We highly recommend trying this for yourself if you are ever in Kyoto!

Reply from activity provider

Thank you for the review.
It looks like you were very happy. .
I would also like to visit you when there is an opportunity.
Thank you

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2019/06/16
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Paint with wax and dye!

Reviewed by: Shona M, 2019/03/07

The man who runs this class is very nice. An old lady also helps. You get to pick a design and practice painting it before you do your final copy. You can choose what you paint on. The man helps you dye the fabric and remove the wax. He really looked after my kimono to protect it from the dye. Highly recommend if you like batik or want to know more about Japanese culture. The dye changes color right before your eyes!

Attended as:Solo Travelers
Activity Date:2019/03/05
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Such fun! Best kind of souvenir

Reviewed by: Laura, 2019/01/27

Highly recommended activity, good for all artistic abilities. We found the place easily with Google Maps, and the signage is easy to see. There are so many pictures to choose from, perhaps the hardest thing is to decide which one(s) you want to make. We did the tapestry with seaming (it is folded over and sewn at the top so that you can put a hanging bar through it) and all of us chose at least 2 images to fill up the space and create a unique picture. There are both simpler and more intricate designs available for you to trace. You get to practice painting the wax onto a blank cloth before you do your real one. You'll get better as you go, and they had us start on the easiest parts first, so it worked out well. Our mistakes and imperfections didn't take away from the finished product- it is a pretty forgiving medium. They were all beautiful, and even the one of us that was worried that hers didn't look good was impressed with it after the dyeing process. The language barrier was not a problem, and we received a good amount of guidance as we worked. They were both really friendly and helpful. We would definitely come again!

Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:2019/01/25
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Great creative fun!

Reviewed by: Dominiaue, 2018/06/30

My two teenage grand sughters took the eorkdhop snd gound it crestive and fun. The insttuctor dhared much vslusble ingormstion snd they both took home a work of art! l highly recommend it,

Attended as:Families
Activity Date:2018/06/26
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Fantastic batik morning

Reviewed by: Kirsty, 2017/05/17

To start with the workshop looks amazing- running examples of professional work cover the walls and also what look like old tools and print rollers, as well as fabrics covered ceiling all together adding up to a great atmosphere. Our tutor was great, as was his assistant. They gave us lots of pointers whilst letting us crack on when we'd got the hang of the technique. There were lots of example designs to pick from- I'd had grand plans to draw out my own but gave up on this when I saw the topical and varied choices. The steps were straight forward - meaning by the end of the morning we both had an impressive finished product which will be a great reminder of Japan.

Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:2017/05/16
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Unique Experience

Reviewed by: Rishi D, 2016/09/27

Location : It is conveniently located close walking distance(300-500 meters) to a bus stop.There is two bus stops near the 7 -11 . Not all buses go to kyoto station from the closer 7-11 bus stop.

Please print a map of the area.it helps.

Activity: Started off with drawing on a test cloth. There is several design that you can choose from.We choose from the designs than were available.We used hot wax to initially draw the image on the test and thereafter on the product that you have purchased. I must say that there is two people that ran the dyeing experience. The granny is extremely talented. She watches over you and helps you when you are unsure. She speaks broken English. With her showing you what to do and asking you to do the same in Japanese. It is like the series'lost in translation'. Trust me you will get her eventually The younger gentleman was the one that explained what we had to do and how we initially design the product. The dyeing process is informative and eductional. The dyeing solution doesn't have any smell. I would definitely recommend going for this experience when in Kyoto.

Reply from activity provider

Thank you for a roketsu dyeing.
If there is an opportunity, please come again.

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2016/09/26
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