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Kyoto Maiko Entertainment with Optional Lunch

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A wonderful afternoon with a lovely performance by a Maiko!

Reviewed by: Tammy Rak, 2019/11/29

Initially, I had booked the Saturday show but it was unavailable. Veltra was able to let me know and gave me a couple of different options to choose from as an alternative. I was able to change my reservation to the Sunday lunch. I would recommend paying extra for the front row and for the lunch. The lunch was a nice selection of Kyoto cuisine. Also, if you get sake, the Maiko will serve it to you. The Maiko was lovely and charming. Her performances were breathtaking and she was very thorough with her answers to out questions. It was also fun playing games with her. I had a wonderful experience and would definitely recommend it if you have a couple of hours to spare.

Attended as:Solo Travelers
Activity Date:2019/11/03
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Amazing esperience with families and friends

Reviewed by: Amazing experience, 2019/08/22

beautiful experience, very funny fir the kids as well, not too long snd adeguate for family . Il pranzo con la maiko è stata una bellissima esperienza che ha coinvolto anche i bimbi con il gioco , durato un ora e mezzo tempo adeguato per i bimbi per carpire il loro interesse , è stato veramente molto interessante

Attended as:Families with Young Children
Activity Date:2019/08/20
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A short but lovely visit with maiko

Reviewed by: Jessie, 2019/06/30

This event takes place in part of a studio on the second floor of a building. There are stairs outside in front of the building that go up to the studio. We arrived early, as recommended in the program description, but ended up waiting for the previous program to finish before we could enter. Before entering the studio, you need to take your shoes off and leave them on a rack.

Once inside, there are some rows of benches facing towards a low "stage" on one side of the room. After everyone has taken their seats, the maiko enters. The English translator for the maiko was very good. The maiko introduces herself, and there is an opportunity to have your photograph taken with her and receive a slip of paper with her name stamped on it (in Japanese, of course). After everyone has their photograph, the maiko performs two dances. Then there is a question-and-answer session, and then the maiko explains the rules for a drinking game. She and the translator demonstrated the game once, and then the maiko will ask a series of volunteers to come up to the front to challenge her. If you lose, don't worry--you can choose to drink a cup of water instead of sake!

All of this takes place just over a half hour, but it didn't feel particularly rushed. The maiko was very courteous with answering questions and it was fun to play the game against her. I felt like many of the people in our audience were too shy to ask questions or volunteer, but I would encourage people to not be too shy and enjoy themselves!

  • The maiko and I during the photo opportunity

Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:2019/06/06
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