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10 Things to Do and Experience in Beautiful Kyoto
Kyoto's thousands of temples, shrines and charming lantern-lined alleyways are just a few of the reasons visitors love this ancient city. Check out some of the most unmissable experiences in Kyoto, to make sure you don't miss a moment of your visit!

1. Meet a Kyoto maiko and chat with her over a cup of matcha tea.
2. Explore the lantern-lit streets of the city after dark (and check out the bar culture!)
3. Have an unforgettable evening with a delicious 10-course kaiseki meal!
4. Swing a katana like a samurai in a samurai dance lesson.
5. Dress up in a kimono with a modern twist.
6. Have lunch or dinner at one of Kyoto's elegant and oldest machiya.
7. Bike along the Kamogawa River and check out the more hidden spots in the city.
8. Learn how to make a Japanese batik in a Traditional batik dyeing class.
9. Make your own Yatsuhashi rice cake (a famous confectionery from Kyoto).
10.Experience dinner theater with a ninja twist at the Ninja Restaurant.

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