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Activity location: Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Okinawa Main Island, Sapporo Area
Last updated: 2019/12/17

    Availability varies by date for all activities.

  1. Get advanced reservations for a course meal at TORAJI while traveling around Kyoto. Unlike the standard yakiniku barbecue restaurants, try the mouth-watering thick-cut meats prepared by professional chefs for a satisfying meal.
    Meal Provided

    From USD88.31

    2 hour(s) (evening, night)
  2. Take in the wonderful aroma of yuzu citrus as you savor a variety of mouth-watering modern Japanese cuisine with unlimited food and drinks! Make your evening in Kyoto special by reserving a private room for a memorable time with friends and family.
    Meal Provided


    2 hour(s) (evening)
  3. Reserve a delicious full course fugu (pufferfish) meal with a selection of dishes for lunch or dinner. Taste exquisite pufferfish cuisine prepared by skilled chefs right in the heart of Kyoto and have an unforgettable exotic dining experience.

    From USD43.35

    2 hour(s) (afternoon, evening)