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Full Day Sightseeing Bus Tour of the Best of Miyazaki


Travel by bus and see all of Miyazaki's best locations. Stop by the beautiful ocean and colorful flowers of Horikiri Toge, the mythology-inspired Aoshima and Udo Shrines and Kyushu's "Little Kyoto."

  • 鵜戸神宮
  • 青島神社
  • 鵜戸神宮
  • 201-101-08
  • 2016-11-08_154534
  • 鵜戸神宮 運玉
  • 鵜戸神宮

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Take a bus tour around some of the most beautiful sights in Miyazaki. You will be able visit two shrines, spend time by the ocean enjoying nature and enjoy a delicious Japanese lunch. You can also look forward to the free gifts you will receive such as a picture post card to send through the famous yellow post box in Aoshima and the offerings at shrines to help make your wishes come true. The bus picks you up and drops you off at various convenient locations such as hotels, shopping malls and the airport.
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This activity is not available to book at this time.
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  • 08:30-09:48 Pick-up at Various Miyazaki Locations
  • Horikiri-Toge
    201-101-08 Take in the beautiful view of this area where the warm sun shines on an incredibly blue ocean. Hibiscus, poinsettia, sakura and many other flowers are in bloom at different times of the year.
  • Michino Station Phoenix
    鵜戸神宮 運玉 Just slightly south of Horikiri-Toge lies Michino station. Pick up some of Miyazaki's specialty products as souvenirs and be sure to try their famous ice cream. It comes in several unusual flavors like hyuganatsu, ashitaba and shrimp!
  • Udo-jingu Shrine
    鵜戸神宮 This Shinto shrine is a popular place for couples to visit and pray for happy marriage and easy childbirth. There is also a well-known legend that the shrine was the birthplace of Emperor Jimmu's (the first emperor of Japan according to mythology) father.
  • Throw a Stone For Good Luck
    鵜戸神宮 運玉 You will receive 5 lucky stones to try and throw toward a crag called Kame Ishi (Turtle Rock). Men throw with their left hands and women throw with their right. If your stone lands in the square hole in the rock, your wish will come true.
  • Lunch
    2016-11-08_153623 Relax and enjoy a delicious Japanese style lunch.
  • Obi, Kyushu's "Little Kyoto"
    2016-11-08_154534 Visit Obi, the area referred to as the "Little Kyoto" of Kyushu. The Edo era atmosphere is everywhere from the stone walls to the samurai residences.
  • Aoshima Shrine
    青島神社 This shrine is famous for being a power spot for happy marriage. It also has an interesting history of being secluded, with no one allowed to visit Aoshima or the shrine except for officials and Shinto priests. In the Edo period, it was opened up to other travelers.
  • Yellow Post Box
    鵜戸神宮 This yellow post box, near Aoshima shrine, was inspired by the old love story from Japanese mythology. You will receive a yellow post box postcard, so why not send it to someone you love?
  • 16:31-17:50 Drop-off at Various Miyazaki Locations
Additional Note(s)
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    • There may be delays depending on traffic.
    • There are times when service is stopped due to bad weather conditions.
    • Lunch will be had at either Obi Hattori-tei or Obiten Honpo.
    • Smoking is prohibited inside the bus.
    • Please keep an eye on your valuables.
    • There is no assigned seating on the bus. Please understand you may not be able to sit with everyone in your party.
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Language Japanese
Pick-up Available
Duration incl. transportation 7 - 9.5 hour(s)
Availability Weekend
Meal Lunch
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