Battleship Island Tour from Nagasaki with English or Chinese Audio Guide

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Glad I went

Reviewed by: Mi-ko, 2015/04/09

Normally the boat is for up to 130 people, but because of safety inspection, we changed and went on the tour in a small boat of 45 people (Since its speed was slower than the normal boat, we had to come 15 minutes earlier.) I was worried because I had thought a larger boat would shake less. But I did not become seasick because I took medicine for motion sickness.
There were nearly 40 people, so it was really crowded in the boat. I had difficulty even when moving for taking pictures. Usually it will be less crowded.

The person who gave an explanation to us said that he lived and worked on Gunkanjima Island. He also talked about his life there, which was interesting.

I participated alone, but one of the staff told me that he would take my picture for me at each spot. So I asked him sevral times and I could be in photos. Thank you very much. Although I was the only female participant, some men took photos with their big SLR. Most of the participants were friends, adult families and couples.

Since I participated in the afternoon tour, when I saw the panoramic view of the Gunkanjima Island on the way back, it was against the sun. And its silhouette stood out. Many of the photos I took when I came closer to the island were bright.

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To Gunkanjima!

Reviewed by: Miadora, 2015/03/04

First I scheduled to join the tour on the 17th (Morning), but I checked the weather forecast one week in advance and booked afternoon trip after arriving in Nagasaki from Tokyo instead. The tour was excellent! My biggest purpose in traveling to Nagasaki was to see the island, so I was very pleased. Depending on the weather the tour might be cancelled or landing on the island may not be possible, so I think those planning to join should check weather information in advance.

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  • It totally looks like a ship

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