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Things to Do in Nara
An ideal day trip from Kyoto, Nara is famous for its many ancient temples, dramatic shrines, friendly sacred dear and laid back atmosphere. Find fun tours that introduce you to the secrets of this historical city, or have fun trying cool cultural experiences.

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  1. Enjoy a traditional Japanese tea ceremony in a relaxing atmosphere. Sip a cup of matcha tea, and learn about this elegant art of hospitality.

    From USD23.02

    Sun, Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat
    1 hour(s) (morning, afternoon, evening)
  2. Visit 3 of Nara's World Heritage sites: Todaiji Temple, home to the Great Buddha Statue, Kasuga Taisha Shrine, and Kofukuji Temple. Enjoy views of Wakakusayama and forest of Kasuga from the bus.
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    From USD41.44

  3. This easy morning tour will take you to Nara's most famous World Heritage Sites, including Todaiji Temple, Kasuga Taisha Shrine, and Koufukuji Temple. You can even meet the city's cute deer!
    English Available

    From USD32.23