Okinawa Triple Island Day Tour: Iriomote, Yubujima and Taketomi from Ishigaki reviews, Ishigaki/Yaeyama tours & activities, fun things to do in Ishigaki/Yaeyama (With pictures only) | VELTRA

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Okinawa Triple Island Day Tour: Iriomote, Yubujima and Taketomi from Ishigaki

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Three in one!

Reviewed by: Marie, 2020/02/09

Initially we wanted to go to Iriomote and Taketomi ourselves, but just the ferry rides are expensive, so this tour was a perfect deal for us. Not only did it take us to 3 islands, it also included activities and lunch. We got to ride buffalo cart twice, accompanied by lovely shamisen playing and singing performance by the driver. Yubu had a tropical garden, including beautiful butterfly enclosure, and we had 1.5 hr for lunch and discovering the island. We also saw the mangrove in Iriomote. It was rather cloudy, and it seems like the places would be way more attractive on a sunny day, but I am still happy with my experience.

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2020/02/09
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Well organized and Excellent one day trip

Reviewed by: Prad, 2020/01/07

We enjoyed the tour alot specifically the mangrove cruise in iriomote and the water buffalo cart ride at yubujima and would recommend the tour for:
* Well organized tour with time allotment for each island is enough to explore the place and try the local food.
* Suitable for visitors with having only few days stay in ishigakijima.
* Lunch Box with local delicious food.
* Local guide provides the information thoroughly in Japanese also they try to make your trip memorable by singing local songs, providing the detailed information etc.

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2020/01/05
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Island hopping

Reviewed by: Marlon, 2019/09/04

All is well organized from check in up to the end of the tour. Our favorite part is the boat cruise through lush mangrove forests of Iriomote island. Multilingual audio guide was provided which is enough for us to enjoy the whole tour. Time allotment for each stop is enough to see and explore the place. Suitable for visitors staying Ishigaki for few days.

  • Water buffalo cart ride

Attended as:Couples
Activity Date:2019/08/31
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Compact tour covering 3 islands

Reviewed by: StephY, 2019/08/12

We were given the audio guides and comprehensive instructions in English on the itinerary of the day before we set off. However it might be good if the guides on site could let us know when we reach the location for the specific explanation. The mangrove boat ride was wonderful but the audio guides were very basic and not as comprehensive as the guide’s explanation. The guides were good at organizing the big groups with diffferenf itinerary when we reached Taketomi. However I had wished those with lunch included in the package were set off first on the buffalo ride to Yubujima as we were left with very little time to explore Yubujima being the last group to set off.
The buffalo ride was pleasant and lunch was a meal including various Okinawan flavors.
The guide at Taketomi was very kind, he used some basic English to explain how the star sands were formed and where to find it. The second buffalo ride around the residential community in Taketomi is a different experience from the first one at Yubujima as this time the buffalo had to maneuver more corners but it was interesting to see how they naturally knew when to turn without instructions.
I find the cost for this tour a little expensive, and the audio guide does not have enough content to help appreciate the beauty of the 3 islands.

  • Lunch

  • Buffalo ride at Yubujima

  • Mangrove at Iriomote

Attended as:Friends
Activity Date:2019/07/31
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