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This activity is not available to book at this time.

Diving Adventure for Licensed Divers in the Yaeyama Sea with Ishigaki Departure


Fun diving in the beautiful sea of Yaeyama!

Splash into the waters of Yaeyama where you can see manta and corals. Small group tours allow divers to enjoy a safe fun dive in the blue waters of Okinawa.

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This activity is not available to book at this time.
  • All Packages
    • Scuba diving certification is required.
    • Do not drink alcohol within 8 hours of scuba diving.
    • Guests may not fly within 24 hours of a two-tank scuba dive due to the high risk of decompression sickness.
    • Guests may not fly within 12 hours of a one-tank scuba dive due to the high risk of decompression sickness. 
    • Guests may not scuba dive if you have any medical issue indicated on the "PADI Medical Statement and Questionnaire". Those with medical issues must consult with a physician and complete the "RSTC Medical Statement and Guidelines for Recreational Scuba Diver's Physical Examination" on their behalf.
    • Participants must be physically and mentally healthy, and hold a diving license.
    • Let us know if any item below applies to you.
      Have a cold or stuffy nose
      Easily get seasick
      Have a history of ear disease or ear infections
      Smoke a pack or more of cigarettes a day
      During menstruation
      Pulmonary disease
      Taking medicine regularly
      Had tuberculosis, emphysema, pneumonia, or asthma.
      Chronic cardiac disease, high blood pressure, diabetes
      Seeing doctor or taking medicine. Please tell us the name of any condition you may have.
    • Please understand that you cannot dive when you are over fatigued, or lacking sleep, or are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Required Items to Bring & Attire
  • All Packages
    • Certification license
    • Towel, bathing suit, beach sandals, license card, log book
Requirement(s) - Others
  • All Packages
    • Please register the mobile phone number and all participant information (name / gender / age / height / weight / shoe size / vision) at the time of booking.
    • Minors are required to have a parent or guardian sign their liability waiver.
    • Participants 12 years old and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
    • Participants are required to sign a liability waiver in case of injury or natural disaster.
    • Participants must complete a medical questionnaire and liability waiver on the day of your scuba dive.
    • Participants with medical issues must bring a medical clearance form to participate in this activity.
    • Please fill in the application form, and submit it on the day. Minors need the consent and the signature of a parent or guardian.
Additional Note(s)
  • All Packages
    • The activity schedule is subject to change or cancellation due to weather or traffic conditions.
    • Marine sports are easily influenced by winds and waves.So please understand that there may be cases where we cancel the tour due to stormy weather like an approaching typhoon.
    • You can do diving immediately after a flight.
      However, you cannot participate in any diving course on the day of a scheduled outgoing flight.
      As for snorkeling, there is no problem in joining before a flight.
    • There may be cases where we ask you not participate in the tour, if our staff member determined that you are apparently in bad condition to join the tour, for example, if you have a cold or other disease, are injured or under influence of alcohol or drug.
      Please feel free to ask us, if you have any question on injuries, diseases, or drugs.
    • Please listen to the instructions of the captain or the staff members during the activity.
    • If you need rental equipment, please input on the reservation page.
    • This tour will be held only in Japanese.
Booking Requirements (# of participants, vehicles, hours, etc.)
  • All Packages
    • You can book a minimum of 2 and maximum of 4.
Activity provider
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Payment/Cancellation policy
Payment type
Credit card payment
Cancellation Policy
  • Any cancellations made after 17:00 local time, 1 business days prior to the activity will be subject to a charge of 100% of the total amount.


Language Japanese
Pick-up Available
Availability Daily
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